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> > Nov 15 2011

Bry Webb - Provider
By Vish KhannaAfter the end of the Constantines and a self-imposed hiatus, Bry Webb has re-emerged with an inspired new record of stark, intense songs. A gifted guitarist and one-of-a-kind lyricist blessed with a mighty voice, Webb's charisma as the Cons' lead singer always belied the reality that he's a pretty quiet, unassuming guy with a lot of thoughts swirling through his busy mind. He spent so much time in his head when his band halted their decade-long run in 2010 that it crippled him musically; he simply saw no way forward with his latest songs. As a budding family and adulthood also beckoned, he wisely redirected his creative energy into something more profound and personal. In a sense, that journey has been documented on the intricate, high-minded folk of Provider, a confident self-recognition about being "just a man" ("Zebra") and the fact that "we'll never be again what we were when we were younger" ("Ex-Punks") that's as haunting and resonant as any record can be. Captured live-off-the-floor with musicians from Webb's new residence in Guelph, ON (and guests like Colin Stetson and Jennifer Castle), Provider moans with the stuff of life ― fatherhood, working full-time, joy, death ― and it's one of the most mesmerizing things any songwriter can lay claim to in recent memory.
(Idée Fixe)
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"the stuff of life ― fatherhood, WORKING FULL-TIME, joy, death"

aw yeah ;)
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I think it would be a really, really good idea for Exclaim to stop allowing musicians' friends to review their records.
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"moans with the stuff of life"?
is that the most mesmerizing thing Webb's laying claim to? How can you lay claim to a moan?
I think I need a gravol.
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This record shines in it simplicity. Webb's words could easily stand alone, but the bed of Bry's distinct guitar style, the lap & pedal steel guitar and warm tones of some very subtle stand-up bass playing just bolster the wonderments! A great musical conversation. I love this record.


I think it would be a really, really good idea for Exlaim to stop allowing everyone to comment on their website's articles. If you have an issue with who wrote and article....don't read the article, and subsequently keep your opinions to yourself. And for goodness sakes at least make an effort to comment on the subject matter, ratehr than just using this as a forum to launch your anemic "attack" on a human being/organization who is providing FREE content.

Vish, great work. Your breakfast club podcast and this article shed a lot of light on the inspiration that fueled a truly beautiful record. Thank you.
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or to put it simply, quit being a dick!
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this album is amazing. i miss the cons, but i could listen to the first 3 songs on repeat for the next 20 years.
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Reviewers shouldn't be able to anonymously comment on their own articles.
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