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Al Tuck

Under Your Shadow

> > Nov 08 2011

Al Tuck - Under Your Shadow
By Vish KhannaLiving legend Al Tuck is on a prolific tear and there's a superb quality to the quantity of his output, as evident on this gorgeous, unexpected record. After going years without easily accessible new albums, Tuck's affairs have been in particularly great shape since 2010's Food for the Moon, his most cohesive and brilliant release until now. His focus remains sharp on Under Your Shadow, another gorgeous collection from one of the keenest minds in all of songwriting. The musical accompaniment is sparse and tasteful, performed with the deepest sense of craft and innovation, yet steeped in folk and blues traditions, where its sophistication might easily be underestimated. The focus though is on Tuck's cool, alluring voice and playfully dark, endearing lyrics, which help songs like "Slappin' the Make on You" (produced by Joel Plaskett), "Every Day Winning," and "Ducktown" charmingly cut a rug through your mind. One of a kind, Al Tuck's genius is brightly exhibited on Under Your Shadow.
(New Scotland)
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Living legend, eh? Big words for someone with a cult audience of maybe 12 people.
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How big is a cult audience supposed to be again?
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eh . . . Al's audience is much bigger than 12 people. He has a lot of fans, check out his press page
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Oops sorry, he is a living legend according to Feist on his press page. I guess whatever she says is the gospel in this review's case.
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