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Food For The Moon

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Al Tuck - Food For The Moon
By Kerry DooleVirtually every time you see the name Al Tuck appear it's preceded by phrases like "long underrated" or "unfairly ignored." The enigmatic East Coast troubadour is as far away from commercial success as ever but his loyal, if small, cult following will enjoy feasting on Food For The Moon. His voice remains a technically imperfect instrument but its warmth and honesty make it a perfect vehicle for his soul-baring narratives. The epic ten-minute title track, for instance, is a moving and heartfelt homage to his late father-in-law, Canadian songwriting legend Gene MacLellan ("he helped a great many but himself he could not save"). Fittingly, it is followed by Tuck's version of "Snowbird," MacLellan's signature classic. Another highlight song, "Every Little Thing," is inspired by his young daughter, Isabel. Her mother, Catherine MacLellan, joins such notables as Don Kerr, Dale Murray (on haunting steel guitar) and Amelia Curran in contributing, although the sound is typically sparse — the folk gospel feel of "Ready" is a pleasing exception. The legend continues.
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