Think Like a Man

Directed by Tim Story

> > Apr 19 2012

Think Like a Man - Directed by Tim Story
By Serena WhitneyYet another sexist relationship advice best-seller has garnered a film adaptation, but unlike colossal disaster He's Just Not That Into You, director Tim Story and screenwriters Keith Merryman and David A. Newman fuse Steve Harvey's best-seller, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man's dating tips with a likeable ensemble cast in a skilful manner.

Like 2001's quirky romantic comedy Two Can Play That Game, Think Like A Man showcases "battle of the sexes" hijinks in five intersecting story lines. A chick flick disguised as a buddy movie, the film centres upon a group of reformed, stereotypical men. Viewers get to witness the player (Romany Malco), the dreamer (Michael Ealy), the non-committer (Jerry Ferrara), the mama's boy (Terrence J.) and the happily divorced guy (Kevin Hart) struggle with either maintaining and/or fleeing their relationships with the 90-day rule girl (Meagan Good), the woman who is her own man (Taraji P. Henson), the "put a ring on it already" female (Gabrielle Union), the single mother (Regina Hall) and the controlling ex-wife (Wendy Williams).

When the jaded women of the film catch an interview with Steve Harvey promoting his relationship book on television, they rush to bookstores like Hunger Games newbies and follow his advice in order to reform their relationships and change their significant other's patterns, ignoring the fact author Steve Harvey has already had three failed marriages in real-life.

Although Think Like A Man has its amusing moments, just like the book itself, the film is little more than a compilation of rehashed stereotypes, promoting relationship propaganda by telling audience members to embrace the fact that game-playing is the key to all successful relationships.

Many viewers will be able to relate to the universal themes of romance, gender struggles and breakups in the film; however, unless you feel compelled to applaud when seeing Screen Gems veteran Morris Chestnut make a cameo, go weak in the knees when watching Michael Ealy suck chocolate off Taraji Henson's knee and laugh whenever comedian Kevin Hart finishes a sentence, it's best to save this for a drinking game night when you will be able to take a shot whenever the word "cookie" is used to refer to a character's vagina.
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