Underworld: Evolution

Directed by Len Wiseman

> > Jun 2006

Underworld: Evolution - Directed by Len Wiseman
By Sam SutherlandThis movie’s existence is something of a mystery. Given that the first Underworld received a lukewarm reception from critics and moviegoers the need for a sequel is questionable. The fact that the sequel is this movie makes it not only questionable but also funny and somewhat nonsensical. Taking place immediately following the events of the first film, about one fifth of Underworld: Evolution is flashbacks, as director Len Wiseman struggles to explain the convoluted universe in which the story takes place. Ultimately, the plot makes little sense and the audience is left to fill in the blanks of why the hell everyone on screen is trying to kill everyone else: basically, werewolves and vampires hate each other. Besides some explosive action sequences, the film generally looks cheesy, with Thriller-style werewolf effects that make you wish leading man Scott Speedman might find it in his heart to utter, "I’m not like other guys.” Regrettably, he does not, and between his awkward dialogue and that of his co-star, the gorgeous Brit Kate Beckinsale, there is not a memorable line in this whole thing. The included special features beef up the DVD, with a plethora of featurettes on every aspect of the film’s creation: visual effects, stunts, creatures, sound, and so on. These mini-docs are interesting in their own way and are generally a lot more compelling than the film. (Sony)
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