Solid Dudes Kitchen Season 2

Directed by Derek Swanson

> > Nov 05 2012

Solid Dudes Kitchen Season 2 - Directed by Derek Swanson
By Daniel PrattNormally, when we think of cooking shows, we associate them with the onslaught of televised, food-related, reality B.S. from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay or sweet-as-sunshine Rachel Ray, who, oddly enough, has managed to turn her home cooking ideas into an ersatz talk show. Apparently, there's enough interest in the subject to warrant the Food Network, in addition to the food-related programming on HGTV and the W Network. But what are regular folks with a hunger for a hearty meal to do? Two guys from Detroit have solved that problem with their second season of Solid Dudes Kitchen, proving that unconventional chefs have a place in the world formerly run by pompous foodies and can share their knowledge in a fresh new way that both entertains and educates. Derek Swanson and Dave Graw (former Heads Will Roll bandmates) have never worked in a kitchen, nor have they received any formal culinary training, yet they went on to produce an Internet food show conceived by your average Joe. Addressing topics like the love of jalapeno peppers or how to create and enjoy sushi properly, they ultimately travel to Germany to dive into the culinary delights of the country, all the while interviewing some fascinating people along the way. Their outlook on the project has always been to reject anything that is "fucking boring," often injecting episode commentary with sexual innuendo and penis jokes, even learning to slice a fish from its anus (something inevitably made comical). Solid Dudes Kitchen is sort of like hanging out with a couple of tatted-up guys while they make crude jokes and slam back beers in the kitchen. It's rude, hilarious and offers some culinary inspiration to the sort of viewer that normally wouldn't give a second glance at a cooking show. The DVD supplements include commentaries that contain even more jokes and lewd remarks, as well as some trailers.
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