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Guys And Dolls [Blu-Ray]

Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

> > Dec 07 2012

Guys And Dolls [Blu-Ray] - Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
By Joseph BelangerGuys and Dolls is one of those classical Hollywood musicals where people don't simply walk down the street, but rather do so with a pronounced bounce in their step and an exaggerated smile on their face. It requires a certain suspension of disbelief to be even remotely believed and fewer people today have the attention span to accomplish this. For those who do delight in this enchanting style though, Warner has released a collector's edition that will surely get them bouncing and smiling in their living rooms. Based on the Frank Loesser Broadway show, Guys and Dolls was adapted for the screen in 1955, and despite the show's immense success, the film version was a bit of a risk. Writer/director Joseph L. Mankiewicz had won four Oscars in two years before tackling this project, but he'd never directed a musical. And then there is the talent. Marlon Brando was the top box office draw of the day, but he was most certainly an unproven singer. Meanwhile, Frank Sinatra, one of the most notable voices of the century, was passed over for the main role in favour of Brando and was said to have been unhappy in the role he ended up with. Despite the potential for disaster, Guys and Dolls not only pulled it off, but is a genuine classic. The new Blu-Ray edition both looks and sounds infinitely better than its previous DVD edition. While the construction of the menus is a little stiff (No "play all" option on the musical numbers? Really?), it is presented in a brilliant digibook, which highlights all of the actors and the film's rich backstory. Said story is reiterated in the numerous short documentaries about the production. It may be a movie about big gambles and large losses, but Guys and Dolls is a sure bet!
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I admire Marilyn Monroe, but do we really need another tribute? She is ridiculously over-exposed at this point. The ongoing fascination with her is almost ghoulish! Last year, I did enjoy "My Week With Marilyn", but thought we'd be given a brief Marilyn hiatus after that. No such luck- if you still crave more of her, you can watch this doc, or take my advice: just screen "Some Like It Hot". It never gets old!
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