Young Smoke

The Space Zone

> > Oct 09 2012

Young Smoke - The Space Zone
By Vincent PollardChicago's Young Smoke (aka David Davis) is "young" indeed. At only 18 years old, his debut album The Space Zone is quite the accomplishment. Putting his unique spin on the footwork genre, lightening it, making it less aggressive and more accessible whilst adding some interest with a plethora of fun sci-fi samples, The Space Zone is a unique release. "Warning" can't help but make you smile with the word 'warning' endlessly repeated throughout its three minute duration and "Let Go" is hypnotically minimal, based around one software synth stab over layers of distorted samples. It sounds like footwork but more for the headphones than the dance floor, like a footwork album left playing on tape over the intercom of a forgotten and isolated space station. A unique, immersive and trippy release full of unusual, angular samples and disorienting beats that recalls the early days of techno with its sci-fi themes and bold, (retro-)futuristic approach.
(Planet Mu)
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