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You'll Never Get to Heaven

You'll Never Get to Heaven

> > Oct 16 2012

You'll Never Get to Heaven - You'll Never Get to Heaven
By Daniel SylvesterAfter the third or fourth spin of You'll Never Get to Heaven's debut long-player, strange things starts to happen. Just as you begin to feel at peace with their ghostly drift-in/drift-out mantra, the London, ON duo's structural poles suddenly flip ― soundscapes now feel structural, atmosphere coalesces and honest-to-goodness songs emerge from the primordial haze. Over ten small-scale ambient pieces, Chuck Blazevic's laptop and Alice Hansen's voice work are equals, playing off each other to create haunted caverns of sound, melody and meditation. What separates You'll Never Get to Heaven's hypnotic LP crackle from that of City Center or High Places is the music's impulsive pacing ― tracks never feel complete. For some, this may be the duo's downfall, but fans of slow evolution electronics will have no trouble easing into the foggy world of You'll Never Get to Heaven.
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