Two Fingers

Stunt Rhythms

> > Oct 02 2012

Two Fingers - Stunt Rhythms
By Ashley HampsonIf everyone could just take a step back, perhaps a step down, and climb off the dubstep train for a moment. While I'm sure many will try to classify the new Two Fingers album, Stunt Rhythms, under the now overused dubstep umbrella, it's more Amon Tobin's love letter to hip-hop. Two Fingers are a collaboration between Tobin and musician/producer Doubleclick, though the latter has taken a step back on this second LP. Stunt Rhythms kicks off with one of the strongest offerings on the album, "Stripe Rhythm," which is essentially steeped in grime and marinated in the filthiest, most unrelenting bass. "Fools Rhythm," "Sweden" and "101 South" all play in the same realm of muscular, dropped bass, but Stunt Rhythms is balanced with glitchy tracks that twitch and bounce on an entirely different frequency. Numbers like "Snap" and "Magoo" embody warped funk, but still cling to the big beats the album chases. Stunt Rhythms is by far an auditory treat.
(Ninja Tune)
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