Tomas Barfod

Love Me

> > Jun 09 2014

Tomas Barfod - Love Me
By Ashley HampsonUsing Danish outfit WhoMadeWho as a jump-off point (several LPs, EPs and remixes in the bank seems a safe point from which to venture from solo), producer Tomas Barfod's second LP, Love Me, follows in the synth-pop tradition of prior releases, with a move towards a more defined framework for its tracks. Love Me not only benefits from, but thrives on the immense weight of its guest vocalists, pushing it well beyond the realm of simply good to absolutely stunning — a melodic filling of myriad guests that makes your heart hurt in the best possible way.

Opener "Bell House" starts slowly, a piano chord repeated while a beat slowly builds underneath, but it's Luke Temple's gripping melancholy that grounds the piece. Likewise "Aftermath," featuring Nina K, uses the powerful pipes of said songstress and a string arrangement to create a track that revels in the sublime. Love Me is a gorgeous album, through and through.
(Secretly Canadian)
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