Tiga Non Stop

> > Nov 27 2012

Tiga - Tiga Non Stop
By James WilliamsDo you wear "Sunglasses at Night"? Require "Pleasure from the Bass"? Well then "You're Gonna Want Me" to tell you about Tiga's new mix album, Tiga Non Stop. Created to showcase new music from his Turbo label, as well as a number of his recent productions, this is more than a promotional mix (although if it is only that, it's a damn good one). The mixes here are as seamless as the beats are crisp; Tiga has the innate ability to assemble blends that are both clean and pounding — no mean feat. Simply put, Tiga is a peerless beat matcher. The perennial DJ dandy, all studied nuance and imperial cool, Tiga is of a lineage that began back in the '80s with Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage crew. They understood, as does Tiga, that a mix is all about your audience — play for your crowd. I could reel off a list of acts included in the mix, but that would ruin the magic. Just kick back and take it all in.
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