Terrence Dixon

From The Far Future Pt.2

> > Sep 27 2012

Terrence Dixon - From The Far Future Pt.2
By Ian SchoberDetroit's Terrence Dixon makes a long-awaited, and welcome, return to the full-length format with the dazzling sequel to his first long-player, 2000's From the Far Future. From the Far Future Pt.2 is an hour-plus monument to the lineage of techno and club music in America. Hear Dixon as a flag bearer for distinctively Motor City-skewed futurist dreams; hear Dixon craft an epic declaration on the state of minimal techno. And it hasn't changed much from 12 years ago. The hardnosed concrète techno currently played-out in Britain and the warehouse sounds of Berghain couldn't be further from Dixon's gorgeous and closely accessible sequel to his landmark debut on storied Berlin imprint Tresor. "Horizon" is balanced by a deft, one-note sub blended with the kick's click and a tom-centric beat, a loop bit-crushed tastefully — not into oblivion, but past recognition. "Vision Blurry" is a hypnagogic head-trip, with a horn sample spread out across the beat grid, lending room to an interjecting, off-kilter bass line. A distinctive, hazy abandon is constructed on cuts like this one, "The Switch" and "Dark City of Hope," which function by rooting themselves in between the bass-led tunes and allowing the listener sonic relaxation in-between the heavier cuts. Deeply affecting, fiercely musically intuitive and eclectic, this is timeless club music.
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