Simian Mobile Disco

A Form of Change

> > Oct 02 2012

Simian Mobile Disco - A Form of Change
By Daniel SylvesterIn May, Simian Mobile Disco released their fourth LP, Unpatterns, a collection of long-form techno that picked up where the stripped down, epochal synth sound of 2010's Delicacies left off. The knowledge that this new EP is actually a collection of leftovers from the Unpatterns sessions may be the saving grace of these four tracks, as most of A Form of Change follows that same build/hold/decay formula. EP closer "Everyday" is the undisputed highlight, as the floating vocal sample and pulsing beat stand as the most loose and playful things Ford and Shaw have produced in years. The title track combines ambient soundscapes with a Detroit thump, while "Unfixed" and "Breaking Time" run through the obligatory SMD beats-and-loops filter. A Form of Change works as a fine add-on to the marvellous Unpatterns, but fans of this type of thing might just want to invest in new full-lengths from the like-minded Blondes or Teengirl Fantasy instead.
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