When I'm Gone

> > Mar 25 2012

Silencio - When I'm Gone
By Adam BradleyAfter nearly seven years of toil, Sweden's Silencio have finally released their third album, When I'm Gone, into the ether. It's easy to believe the record's gestation has taken so long ― each frost-patterned composition is washed in the wistful ache of mid-'00s ambient post-rock first brought to light by bands like Eluvium and the Album Leaf, but with the more ambient framing of Stars of the Lid. The visions conjured by Julien Demoulin and his associates are beautiful, make no mistake, but the schemes and motifs are instantly recognizable. Sparse constellations of piano and reverberating guitar sit beneath hovering tones and woozy production on "Clouding." "Gone" finds ephemeral tones gliding around faint, clicking percussion, reminiscent of M˙m's softest work. The music of When I'm Gone effectively achieves a sullen, barren ambiance, though an ambiance that's much been explored.
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