Sebastien Tellier

My God is Blue

> > Jan 29 2013

Sebastien Tellier - My God is Blue
By Daniel SylvesterSébastien Tellier is the closest thing we have to a modern-day chanson star, as the French producer strives to embody the same charisma, sexuality and healthy god complex that defined his musical ancêtres. On his fourth LP, the fittingly titled My God is Blue, Tellier doesn't just sing over his electro-baroque beats, he treats them like true duet partners, allowing rhythms to pulse and swell while responding with an equally effervescent speak-sing. On tracks like squiggly '80s new wave tribute "Sedulous," heart pounding, choir-addled ballad "Russian Attractions" and guitar-god solo send-off "Yes, It's Possible," Tellier does much to sound stately, regal and larger-than-life. But My God is Blue is all about the presentation, as Tellier gets away with wild and unreasonable emotions while never venturing into musical satire or irony. There's a subtle audaciousness to My God is Blue that pulls the listener in; it's almost like Sébastien Tellier is channelling a gloomy saviour.
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