Sleep of Reason

> > Aug 07 2013

Raffertie - Sleep of Reason
By Ashley HampsonIt's always interesting, when hearing an album for the first time, to be struck by an overwhelming sense of familiarity. Raffertie's debut full-length, Sleep of Reason, is a haunting mixture of melancholic nostalgia — a collection of calm build-ups that slowly, thoughtfully expand with subtle intricacy. Rich percussion and twisting synths pulse through "Gagging Order," the minimal instrumentation culminating in an unexpected melody of haunting minor keys. The echoes of ethereal, harmonic voices rise in beautiful crescendo on "Back of the Line," while an undercurrent of lush strings and percussion layer the track with urgency. Raffertie attempts something a bit bolder with "One Track Mind," but the building, repetitive, tinny synths fail to gain a foothold, in comparison to the rest of the album. That aside, Sleep of Reason is an eloquent release.
(Ninja Tune)
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