Philip James de Vries

Philip James de Vries

> > Oct 09 2012

Philip James de Vries - Philip James de Vries
By Vincent PollardMost electronic musicians start off with a twelve-inch EP but not Philip James de Vries, who debuts pretty much straight off with an album as his first real official release. De Vries has been deeply involved in the Toronto, ON music scene over the past couple of years and it's no surprise that he would eventually release his own material. The ambient opener "Magnets" is laden with pastoral samples and backwards guitar but from the second track "Just Like Haze" the tempo is increased and several tracks contain vocals, in a manner melding the Knife's Olof Dreijer with shoegaze influences and pop harmonies. Clocking in at 12 tracks and just over an hour long, the album has a well-constructed arc and despite its sonic variety this results in a pleasingly coherent work. An impressive debut of accessible and organic-sounding electronica that wouldn't sound out place on UK's acclaimed Border Community.
(Wide Angle Recordings)
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