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MOHN - Mohn
By Philip James de VriesLong-time friends and Kompakt regulars Wolfgang Voigt and Jörg Burger collaborate as Mohn. Over nine tracks, the seasoned producers create a darker, more gothic take on ambient techno; Mohn comes off like a dysphoric interpretation of Kompakt's Pop Ambient series. The craftsmanship of the album is impeccable, synonymous with the Cologne sound Kompakt has become so well known for. Mohn boasts extremely detailed sonic pastiches that blend a variety of textures, including gothic vocal samples ("Schwarzer Schwan") and a melancholic development similar to that of fellow Kompakt artist Bvdub. For all of Mohn's hesitation in romanticizing major-key melodies, the title track and "Ambientôt" manage to evoke eerie euphoria when their respective thematic climaxes are reached. Mohn is a must for anyone who considers themselves the least bit of an audiophile. Listening to the album on laptop speakers or ear buds will greatly cheapen the experience Voigt and Burger have intended.
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