Miss Kittin/Various

Radio Caroline Vol. 1

By Joshua OstroffThough she made her name dropping blasé lyrics for the Hacker and Felix da Housecat, Miss Kittin (né Caroline Hervé) really fancies herself a DJ. Spinning techno across Europe for years, she developed a reputation for storied sets and her debut mix disc doesn’t disappoint. Named after the UK’s first pirate radio station (and herself) Radio Caroline is, of course, classy to a fault — built upon micro-house, minimal techno (including an older, and actually coherent, Autechre track) and, naturally, a little electro. She manages to jumps sub-genres effortlessly, even taking an odd but welcome backtrack to acid house with Marshall Jefferson. Kittin also contributes occasional stream-of-consciousness Eurotrash musings over the instrumental tracks — which she has taken to doing during club sets — and this helps her both connect and distance her DJ side from her status as electro’s anti-diva.
(Emperor Norton)
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