Sketches from New Brighton

> > Sep 24 2012

Loscil - Sketches from New Brighton
By Nick StorringThis album is full of the ebbing, warm plushness that one has come to associate with Vancouverite Scott Morgan (aka Loscil). While that means is those expecting something earth-shatteringly new may end up slightly disappointed, while those attuned to Morgan's subtle, dark, introverted sensuality will find this new disc quite rich. Loscil's signature sound, while informed by minimal forbearers like Basic Channel, Pole and Porter Ricks, tempers those acts' future aquatic deadpan with a sweeter, softer melodic touch, recalling Eno at his fullest and most open. Though still minimalistic, Morgan's work slows down the rhythm of the crisp, brittle clicks and pulsing, low-end precision, introducing beautifully curved, viscous sighs of colour and thick, enveloping ambience. The shape, density and weight of each gesture are somehow tangible to the listener, like smooth-edged stones underwater. This tactile sense is reinforced by the covert use of organic instrumentation, such as guitar and Fender Rhodes lending their breath to the otherwise electronic texture. Each track is imbued with delicious, haunted balminess, making for an inviting ― seductive even ― listen. But no more, or less, so than any previous Loscil release.
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