Loops of Your Heart

And Never Ending Nights

> > Jan 30 2012

Loops of Your Heart - And Never Ending Nights
By Vincent PollardLoops of Your Heart is the new project from Sweden's Axel Willner, more famously known as the Field. Although tonally the album bears some simarlarities to the Field, the sound is markedly different. Containing less of the hypnotic, minimal looping and emphasis on layers of ambient texture and arpeggiated synth work, it stays more on the kosmische side of the tracks. Performed on a range of different synthesizers, sequencers and even some doomy, clanging guitar, at the intro of the menacing "Broken Bow," "End" and "Cries," on the other hand, sound more Eno-esque. Elsewhere, the album evokes other synth-heavy Krautrock revivalists such as Emeralds. Willner is clearly letting his time in Germany shape his sound, which isn't a bad thing and it's nice to see another, mellower side to his work. Also, look out for "Riding the Bikes," his contribution to Kompakt's Pop Ambient 2012 compilation.
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