Kid Koala

12 Bit Blues

> > Sep 04 2012

Kid Koala - 12 Bit Blues
By James WilliamsThis is the sixth studio album for the legendary Ninja Tune by Kid Koala (aka Montrealer Eric San). Created using the fabled E-Mu SP1200 ― the holy grail of hip-hop samplers ― 12 Bit Blues has a weathered feel to it, with Koala's trademark cuts and scratches taking a backseat to pitch-shifted vocal snippets and muscular instrumental breaks culled from a range of early blues records. Like its subject matter, the tracks on 12-Bit Blues are stripped down to their bare bones ― it's quite a departure from Koala's usual frenetic production style. A hip-hop blues record is an interesting concept and in Koala's nimble hands, a unique listening experience. The blues are curiously underrepresented in hip-hop, especially considering most producers' preoccupation with mining the past for inspiration. But, thankfully, Kid Koala isn't most producers. For those quick on the draw, there is a limited edition version that comes packaged with a hand-operated DIY cardboard turntable and flexi disk for those craving that genuine authentic experience.
(Ninja Tune)
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