Less Time Until the End

> > Feb 07 2014

Kaito - Less Time Until the End
By Daniel SylvesterKaito may just be the master of the 'anti-remix album.' Following up his first three LPs with beatless companion versions, Kaito similarly eliminates the low-end from his fourth LP, Until the End of Time, his most sonically organic-sounding LP to date, on companion version Less Time Until the End. Kaito's latest material seems to flow at a more boundless and seemingly austere pace; where Until the End of Time finds its fault in the album's undying sameness, Kaito turns songs like "Will to Live" and "Run Through the Road in the Fog" from pulsating, Krautrock-ian cells into ethereal mood pieces.

Although Kaito has been linked to his fellow steely-eyed Kompakt brethren, "Smile" and "Sky is the Limit" better represent the pacing and instrumentation of his native Japan. While Until the End of Time may have been Kaito's weakest full-length to date, Less Time Until the End, ironically, has proven to be one of his strongest overall releases.
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