Jon Hopkins


By Sarah FergusonJon Hopkins' record is unusual and outstanding. It carries a flow of soft ambient textures and classical instrumentation interwoven with scratchy bass frequencies. Jon was labelled an electronic innovator by Brian Eno, and has impressed fellow musicians enough to produce and compose with artists like Coldplay and Herbie Hancock. He blends worlds of music, making a record that would fit in as well at WARP Records as on the UK pop charts. Additionally, the album pays respect to deep classical melodies that your grandmother would enjoy. The first track on Insides, "The Wider Sun," uses mystical, mourning violin, the two-and-a-half-minute song losing all sense of time. First single "Light Through The Veins" spends nine minutes and 18 seconds developing its sincere melody in a slow and painstaking manner. This record offers a healing landscape of sound, pulling us through places of pain into the renewing light.
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