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> > May 08 2012

Jimmy Edgar - Majenta
By Daniel SylvesterWith his third LP, Majenta, Detroit, MI post-modern-Renaissance man Jimmy Edgar makes it crystal clear that he's serious about this whole "electro" thing. Going all-in with 11 more robotic lover tracks, Majenta ― from its Xanadu cover art to song titles like "Indigo Mechanix (3D)" ― can almost be considered a concept album. But it's the fact that Edgar has worked so hard to build this futurist motif, through his music, photography and guest production, which allows the listener to enjoy the analog glitch of "Let Yrserlf Be" and "Heartkey" without any hint of irony. Like most of Edgar's work, Majenta is rife with sexually charged themes, as "Sex Drive" and "Attempt to Make it Last" match their smutty lyrics with authentic Minneapolis funk rhythms and champagne room pacing. Although Jimmy Edgar isn't the first (or best) to do neo-electro (Chromeo and DāM-FunK come to mind), Majenta shows that he might just be the most believable.
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