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> > Mar 20 2012

Ital - Hive Mind
By Daniel SylvesterDoesn't Matter (If You Love Him)" has garnered much chatter over the Internet, alas not the type worth advertising. The opening track from Ital's debut EP, Hive Mind, "Doesn't Matter (If You Love Him)," a noise manifesto defined by a six-word sample repeated, chopped and spun over a popping drum beat, has been met with waves of vitriol and revulsion, but never indifference. Abducting listeners from comfort zones within its first eight minutes, Hive Mind settles into a groove as "Floridian Void" and "First Wave" utilize minimal sequenced beats, crafting Giorgio Moroder-ian valleys and peaks while allowing jagged and dynamic rhythms to emerge. It makes sense that Ital (aka Daniel Martin-McCormick) cut his teeth in Dischord post-post outfit Black Eyes, as both "Privacy Settings" and "Israel" display those loose and shapeless structures that defined post-Fugazi DC hardcore in the '00s. On Hive Mind, Ital delivers a refreshing approach to instrumental electronics, with equal disinterest for both the club and headphone scenes, pissing off Internet purists in the process.
(Planet Mu)
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