By Ashley HampsonAs if the West Coast needs any more help with its burgeoning electronic scene. Just in case it does, Vancouver, BC-based Humans are an inventive, refreshing duo focused on weaving solid, dirty electro with a touch of funk (thanks to Montreal native Peter Ricq) and the mellow crooning and reggae hooks of Robbie Slade. It's a ridiculously fun album, or in the words of Humans, "the purpose of the project is dancing and audience participation." Easy enough when the tracks Humans are throwing down are catchy as hell. The self-titled EP is an imaginative piece of work that will seriously surprise you. Each track builds on funk principles, setting up a mellow vibe before being steeped in grungy electro. "Dub Paris" slowly swells, riding a lazy bass line, but builds into a danceable electro treat, while live drums, deep, grumbling synths and a repetitive ending on "Always Around" make dancing the only option. If the Humans EP is a precursor to a full-length, they're definitely headed in the right direction.
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