Hissy Fit

Heat Wave

> > Oct 02 2012

Hissy Fit - Heat Wave
By Vincent PollardMontreal-based DJ and producer Hissy Fit (aka Matthew Hiscock) has been publicly finding his style over the past couple of years, releasing several EPs that tapped different veins of electronic music, gradually honing his style and production skills with each release. Earlier this year, he released an ambitious series of two-track digital singles of new material released over the course of six weeks, but with his Heat Wave EP, Hiscock appears to have finally found himself. Sounding more confident, coherent and unabashedly house than on previous releases, this EP contains three versions of the title track, featuring the undeniable vocal talents of Danielle Doiron, and two versions of "Buried." The remixes are nicely put together, but it's the originals that you'll want to sit up and listen to. Heat Wave shows great promise for Hissy Fit as yet another soulful, garage-y bass producer for Montreal to add to its growing arsenal. Hopefully this is a sign of greater things to come.
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