A Grape Dope

Missing Dragons

By Andy LeeThe Missing Dragons EP, the product of Tortoise percussionist John Herndon, is as varied as it is experimental. The disc jumpstarts with the frenzied rhythmic romp of "Action: Showered Us,” then suddenly switches gears with the considerably mellower and more composed, "When You Crash and Burn,” a vibraphone-laced, Tortoise-esque track featuring the Mekons’ Sally Timms. Next, Anticon’s DoseOne drops oblique rhymes over the robo-shuffle of "Red Hat Attack,” while "Inaction: Shadowed Us” features ponderous sine waves over a backdrop of mechanical noises. Despite the title, electrified funk closer "Hellz Bellz” is as far removed from Aussie rock as possible. In less than 30 minutes, A Grape Dope demonstrates more innovation than many artists do in their entire lifetimes.
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