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Gold Panda - Trust
By Ashley HampsonSomewhat known for his string of EPs, both before and after his debut full-length, Lucky Shiner, Gold Panda's latest, Trust, is nothing short of sexy. The four-track EP opens with "Trust Intro," a crackling, static-imbued landscape that gives zero indication of what to expect from subsequent tracks. But once "Trust" starts up, the uncertainty of the intro is nothing but an afterthought. The slow, bubbly opening gives way to the minimal layering of a handful of elements — a few notes of organ, occasional hits of a woodblock, the deep bellow of brass — that combined create one seductive track. It might as well be called "Come Hither." "Casyam_59#02" operates in similar territory, with its dreamy feel, loose notes and soft, almost expended flutter of accordion. The remaining track, "Burnt-Out Car in a Forest," is busier than the rest, with clicks and claps atop persistent hi-hat and clanging cymbals, yet retains the ethereal feel of the EP. This is a minimal album that achieves full, rich sound.
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