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> > Sep 24 2012

The Gaslamp Killer - Breakthrough
By Alan RantaIt took a number of years, but there finally exists a full-length album by the Gaslamp Killer. L.A. producer William Bensussen has been active in the scene since his late teens, helping to found Low End Theory in 2006, subsequently releasing a handful of singles and a plethora of mixes that reflected the DJ's infatuation with underground hip-hop, obscure world music, classic psychedelia and bass music. Bensussen's debut, Breakthrough, comes across less like its titular meaning than a time capsule. This record feels almost like a diary, presenting interview snippets of his father and mother in moments of reflection while capturing the wit and whimsy of his diverse historical and contemporary influences, with guests including Daedelus, Computer Jay, Shigeto, Dimlite and Samiyam. The album's significance is further revealed with repeat listening, its crate-dug and electronic beats every bit as eclectic and ethereal as DJ Shadow's Private Press. Up to this point in his career, Bensussen's most notable work has been producing the majority of A Sufi and a Killer, the 2010 debut of Gonjasufi (who returns the favour twice here). While it's doubtful that Bensussen's debut will receive anywhere near the cultural prestige of Gonjasufi's, the 47 minutes diced into 17 tracks that consitute Breakthrough demonstrate what Gaslamp Killer is capable of.
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