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Fuck Buttons

Slow Focus

> > Jul 22 2013

Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus
By Daniel SylvesterWhen Fuck Buttons released their sophomore LP, 2009's Tarot Sport, the duo were lauded for their seamless foray from steely noise cultists to rubbery dance congregators. On their third release, Slow Focus, the UK producers have managed to once again evolve without losing their artistic genome. Drawing heavily from hip-hop and house, Slow Focus transports 52 minutes of sustainable synth through valleys of watery beats and crunchy rhythms. Songs like the live drum-assisted "Brainfreeze" and the murky low-ended "Stalker" give Slow Focus an epic feel, as rhythmic crescendos echo off of each other. Sounding as adventurous as ever, Fuck Buttons possess the ability to insert fascinating sonic earworms into the mix, like the buried and irregular synth warbles that infiltrate "The Red Wing" or the New Order-esque polyrhythms on "Prince's Prize." After working with John Cummings and Andrew Weatherall on their last two respective albums, Slow Focus was solely produced by Fuck Buttons; a decision that shows how confident, individualistic and fearless this duo have become in a short time.
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