Donato Dozzy

Plays Bee Mask

> > Aug 30 2013

Donato Dozzy - Plays Bee Mask
By Dustin MorrisA chance meeting in the hills of Niigata, Japan brought the seminal minds of Donato Dozzy and Chris Madak together. The encounter led to a collaborative effort involving Madak's original production, "Vaporware," a 13-minute, intricately woven sonic field of spatial experimentation. It's incredible source material that few artists could comfortably engage, but the project turned out to be one Dozzy could run with. In Plays Bee Mask, Dozzy takes Madak's vastly synthetic landscape and unearths a living, breathing world beneath it. Sounds are cut, looped and re-contextualized into seven cyclical, droning soundscapes. Each chapter presents a distinguished element from its predecessor and submerges it in shimmering ambiance; it's beautifully narrated and expertly paced. The shorter track times lend themselves favourably to the subtle shifts in dynamics, as feelings range from the strangely whimsical to deeply hypnotic. While the record on its own is a satisfying entry into Dozzy's esteemed discography, ingesting the project as a whole provides far greater insight into the interpretive prowess of this Italian mastermind.
(Spectrum Spools)
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