Delhi 2 Dublin

Turn Up the Stereo

> > Aug 29 2012

Delhi 2 Dublin - Turn Up the Stereo
By Nereida FernandesWhen Delhi 2 Dublin stumbled upon their winning recipe of Celtic-inspired folk-hop for the dance club audience, they effortlessly created a niche for themselves within the global music landscape. Their relentless touring and crowd-pleasing antics helped them maintain that momentum, but not without cost. Their high-energy, upbeat vibe was merely echoed in their previous studio work, as if they were content offering souvenirs of their performances. Their latest release, Turn Up the Stereo, finds the Vancouver, BC-based five-piece collective rising to the challenge to either progress or be left behind. Without sacrificing their signature sound, they've chosen to focus on tighter songwriting, enlisting help from the likes of Chin Injeti (Bass is Base, Eminem, Jay-Z) and Dave Genn (Matthew Good, Hedley, Marianas Trench). Turn Up the Stereo's addictive mash-up of fiddle, dhol and electric sitar is chock-full of familiar-sounding hooks, conspicuously informed by '80s synth-pop and '90s trip-hop (vocals from fiddler Sara Fitzpatrick adds to the ambient touch). Turn Up the Stereo is an admirable effort, albeit a commercially safe one that heralds greater things to come.
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I think this might be the worst press photo/album title/band name combo I've ever seen.
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