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You Are Eternity

> > Feb 18 2013

Dadub - You Are Eternity
By Dustin MorrisBerlin-based duo Dadub deliver riveting techno cinematics on their debut album for Stroboscopic Artefacts. Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti (the pair behind the label's unique aural disposition and the coined "compressed dub" genre) draw from a decade's worth of inspiration for the production of You Are Eternity. Conti and Antezza lay the entirety of their studio expertise on the line for an experience that is relentlessly and technically captivating. Developed as one continuous mix, the album feels like two distinct chapters, one boasting steady, powerful rhythms and thrilling intensity, the other basking in experimentation and introspective ambiance. The record opens with "Vibration," a distortion-soaked hymn fit for a modern-day Druid circle. "Truth" and "Life" hold little back, with punishing frequencies that are second only to the album's merciless halfway point, "Transfer" (featuring King Cannibal). "Experience" provides a standout moment in the album's understated second half, the collaborative effort with Fabio Perletta (Ře) sounding like the result of a Prologue and Raster-Noton love affair. You Are Eternity is a remarkable accomplishment in sound design. There is little doubt Dadub will be delighting audiophiles for years to come.
(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
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