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> > Apr 22 2013

Cosmin TRG - Gordian
By Ian SchoberBass stalwart Cosmin TRG is a Romanian ex-pat now living in Berlin, working as a touring DJ and producer. TRG's abstractions of windy and weird techno are pulled towards career high realizations on second full-length Gordian. The considerable groove found in each song often becomes somewhat clouded by gently saturated noise, as in "Divided by Design" or interlude "Epsilon, Epsilon." Similarly, the distant introductions of numerous samples, as in "New Structures for Loving," evoke impossible sounds collected from a dream of dripping machinery. Most insightful is the contrasting, buried repetition of "Noise Code," where the yawning pads give way to a nuanced groove, then as if to demonstrate TRG's dexterity further, the song's emotional direction switches just as attention might be diminishing. He sets ideas down, leaves them to move about, interact and then finally imposes his considerable intuition for the dance floor to form a convincing sonic drama.
(50 Weapons)
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