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> > May 28 2012

Cornershop - Urban Turban – The Singhles Club
By Oriana BarbatoCornershop brings us a funky, synth-coloured, hip-hoppish, far-out electronic music blended with full doses of Indian folk roots. Their opening track is a psychedelic children's song with a valuable life lesson at the end. The rest of the album has a heaping variety of featured artists. Among them is Izzy, who, along with the tabla, makes "Who's Gonna Lite it Up?" hard-hitting and seductive. Then there's Celeste, who finds herself in a disco-filled whirlwind and repeats the song's title "Non-Stop Radio" too many times. The Punjabi roots spiral up when Rajwant offers her ticklish lines in "Beacon Radio 303" and when Amar sings "Ispector Bamba Singh's Lament," the funkiest sounding lament I've ever heard. I can assure you that you will not stand still while listening to this album. Bonus track "First Wog On the Moon" is a digital dub delight from outer space.
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