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Reform Club

> > Apr 17 2012

Claro Intelecto - Reform Club
By Andrea AyotteKnown primarily for his output on Boomkat's boutique label, Modern Love, UK producer Claro Intelecto (aka Mark Stewart) releases his third full-length album, Reform Club, on Delsin. Devoid of trends, Claro has been creating his unique signature sound of tight, resonating bass lines for well over a decade, yet he never ceases to amaze listeners with his ridiculously brilliant deep techno and house excursions. "Still Here" is a atmospheric, slowed-down, dub-y groove with sentimental strings that effortlessly float along. Previously released on an EP earlier this year, "Second Blood" is a swaggering number with crackling white-noise distortion intertwined with lush, airy chords and euphoric string arrangements. "Night of the Maniac" takes the album to a whole new level. This slow-brewing track eventually builds into intricate controlled mayhem and is bound to tickle your mind in those hard to reach places with its rhythmic bass lines and echoing chords. Despite a three-year hiatus, Claro Intelecto continues to generate quality, masterful releases.
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