The North Borders

> > Mar 25 2013

Bonobo - The North Borders
By Ashley HampsonBonobo's slow, steady build may not be typical for an artist nowadays, but his longevity has given rise to a career spanning over a decade and five studio LPs, including 2010's highly celebrated Black Sands and his fifth and latest release, The North Borders. The latter could almost be seen as a continuation of the former — organic, spacious down-tempo laden with oscillating percussion and a movement of tracks that runs from those that scuff the dance floor to the quiet sought after a late night. The North Borders introduces a host of vocalists to accompany solid arrangements, like the soft, lithe air of Cornelia on closer "Pieces" — the clips, claps and snaps of percussion the perfect host. Most notable is Erykah Badu on "Heaven For the Sinner" — the static shaker background complementing Badu's distinct style. The smattering of up-tempo tracks like "Cirrus," "Know You," and "Antenna" definitely ring of Black Sands nostalgia, waltzing the album into dance floor territory. The North Borders isn't a step in a new direction, but it doesn't need to be. Fans will recognize the album for what it is: an exceptional accomplishment from a man who owns his craft.
(Ninja Tune)
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