Ariane Moffatt

MA Remix

> > Nov 06 2012

Ariane Moffatt - MA Remix
By Vincent PollardThis releases sees six remixers, including Ariane Moffatt, rework five of the tracks from her most recent album, MA, released earlier this year. The Quebecois pop songstress has garnered a great deal of attention in 2012, with an interview on CBC's Q and a Polaris nomination, amongst other accolades. MA Remix was put together by the Juno-nominated Poirier (aka fellow Montrealer Ghislain Poirier), who remixes the steel-drum-infused "Too Late." MA Remix starts off in expected electro-pop territory with a remix from Austin, TX-based producer Dubbel Dutch and Moffat's remix follows, with some great vocal play that evokes a Thom Yorke production turned mainstream dance. The most banging remix is a house reinvention of "Hotel Amour" by Nautiluss (aka Toronto producer and ex-Thunderheist member Graham Bertie). All six remixes are successful and engaging reinventions of Moffat's original tracks and she did well to trust Poirier to find the right producers for the job.
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