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Silver Cloud

> > Feb 19 2013

Actress - Silver Cloud
By Vincent PollardThis is the first release from Actress (aka Darren Cunningham) for Werkdiscs since his debut album, Hazyville, back in 2008. Released in conjunction with Ninja Tune, Werkdiscs dropped this three-track EP on twelve-inch at the end of January in the UK and it is now available in North America. Impressive opening track "Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion" is a gorgeous slow burner, taking over half of its almost 12 minutes to build to a steady, heady peak. Full of crisp glitch and warm static, with a killer harp melody, it sounds somewhat like Four Tet in a fight with Pixel. The quality is maintained on the next track, "Silver Cloud Dream Come True," taking things to a darker, eerier dimension, it floats along with tension-inducing slowness. Closer "Floating in Ecstasy" finds Cunningham at his most sinister. Silver Cloud delves deeper into the internal, headphone experience than even R.I.P. and it's easily Actress's best release since Splazsh.
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