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Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, Victoria BC, July 14

> > Jul 15 2013

Reignwolf - Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, Victoria BC, July 14
Photo: Jason Schreurs
By Jason SchreursIt won't be long before Saskatoon's Jordan Cook has the word Reignwolf on many more minds. But until then he'll keep owning early day festival spots and blowing minds music fan by music fan. Those lucky enough to have caught Cook's Rock the Shores performance are probably still be talking about it — the set was near-legendary, which is pretty much the same as the past few festival slots he's played.

Cook, a multitalented musician who mostly plays smoking blues guitar but also handles drums and anything else he can get his hands on, routinely makes stagehands run around him with confused looks on their faces as he manipulates his instruments, disassembles drum kits, bangs microphones and drumsticks against his guitar and somehow makes all of this sound perfect by the note. Joined by a drummer and bassist on this day, Cook motored through a half-dozen deep blues rock songs (with ample grunge thrown in) and played so hard that the now-sizeable festival crowd called him back for an encore. As a second-day festival opener. At 2:45 p.m. Cook's performance was so jaw-dropping that some fans were still shouting his name out three bands later.
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By far the best performance of the weekend. Reignwolf out played and performed the other bands at rock the shores.
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Okay, you nailed this review. We showed up early on Sunday simply to beat the 2-hour entrance lines we experienced on Saturday, never having heard of Reignwolf. Quite simply, we were blown away. My GF and I became instant fans. These guys should have been headlining. "Near-legendary" is a good description.
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I was lucky enough to get him to sign my shirt on Sunday, and he even gave me a couple picks. It was the best performance of the weekend by far, and although I had never heard of Reignwolf before, a few seconds into the first song I became a big fan.
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