Matthew Good

Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, Victoria BC, July 13

> > Jul 14 2013

Matthew Good - Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, Victoria BC, July 13
Photo: Jason Schreurs
By Jason SchreursAt this point it's abundantly clear that the glory years of Matthew Good are long gone. Musically and physically, he's not the man he used to be, nor do songs like "Load Me Up" and "Apparitions" hold up quite the same as they did when Edgefest was the go-to summer festival.

That said, Good's late evening set at Rock the Shores in Victoria was surprisingly listenable, although it appeared to be the chosen background music for festival-goers that were still scrambling for dinner or navigating the massive beer garden line-ups. Those who did stay up front for Good's performance caught a set that, much like 54-40's earlier in the afternoon, brought back waves of Canadian rock nostalgia, especially for those who grew up in the '90s.

Mr. Good seemed in pleasant spirits, which was not always the case during his heyday, looking plump and comfortable in his skin while his backing band tried to breathe life into songs that haven't really aged that well. Good did his best as well; even going down on his knees to play a guitar solo in a standard rock-god pose during the end of "Hello Time Bomb," (Changed from "Everything is Automatic" upon the author's request. The solo was played during "Hello Time Bomb." - ed.) a moment that could have been highly awkward, but was actually a little sweet.
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This review is completely invalid because the band didn't even play "Everything is Automatic" last night. Great work, Jason!
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They didn't play everything is automatic.... did you even go to the concert mr writer?
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Who cares whether or not he played whatever song? He still sucks.
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Could not disagree more with this review. I guess you haven't seen him since the 90's because he has evolved into one of canada's greatest singer/songwriters. The last few albums have been fantastic
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I would suggest this "reviewer" is tight with the concert promoters and this "review" has been put out to mitigate any criticism that Mr. Good directs at the pertinent event. As another comment has noted, Matthew Good's music has evolved materially over the years, which simply further discredits the reviewer's opinions.
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From the reviewers twitter page: "Been waiting NO years for this: My review of Matt Good for @exclaimdotca.."
Ya.. no wonder it was a bad review
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You can gripe all you want but the truth is his golden age set has aged poorly.
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i grew up in the 90s. i didn't start listening to matthew good until the 00s. he released 3 albums in the 90s and 5 studio albums since, with a 6th coming out this year. he has evolved, like JT above said, into one of canada's greatest singer/songwriters. but the reviewer is stuck on his early singles which 'don't hold up'? and why is the reviewer requesting ancient songs at a concert in the first place? you think you'd want to hear something new so you could review that. also, his 'pleasant spirits', i would imagine are a result of now being properly diagnosed as bipolar, which he wasn't back in the 90s, and having built himself a decent homelife in the past few years. but, hey, from your twitter post, it looks like you went into this looking to shoot down an old dog. good job.
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Did he play anything from Hospital Music?
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I like Mr. Good, though I'm not a super-fan. But this review seemed to be far more going-through-the-motions than Good's performance could ever be.
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Please explain to me how Mr. Good's appearance has anything to do with his music. By using expressions like "looking plump", you lose credibility.
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I've been a fan of Good's work since he used to come to Victoria and play small venues with the linup before MGB. I was upfront for his show on the weekend and am pretty appalled that this review was even posted. It's the internet though and exclaim doesn't really have permanent staff across the country so I guess I should not be surprised.

I have seen Matt Good play a dozen times over the years. The first inaccuracy in this article is that he went down to his knees at the end of Giant which was the first song of the set. He did not go down on his knees at all during Hello Time Bomb. Also his crowd was larger and more in synch with him than City And Colour. There were streams of people leaving after Good finished. His entire set was sung by at worst a portion of the crowd and a lot of the time by most of it. City And Colour's set was not. Even the opus Non Populus at over 10 minutes was sung by my most of the audience. Unlike anyone on the bill he has had more songs that have impacted Canadian music for the majority of his career making him current and totally not a has been.

I saw the Pixies in Vancouver when they reformed. I doubt the reviewer would have the nerve to call Frank Black "plump" or "fat". What people like the person who wrote this never report is that since MGB broke up Matthew Good has not had ONE SINGLE record debut outside of the top 5 and that he has made more solo records than MGB records. Also if you even know his catalogue of work he is one Canadian artist that still releases records that dare to explore new territory like Lights Of Endangered Species which if it was released by some Exclaim loved indie band would have been called as genius.

I doubt the person who wrote this didn't even watch Good's show. They were probably hanging out somewhere else on the grounds and just submitted something using all the same tired stuff they always do when it comes to any Canadian act that isn't the new thing. If I had any question for the reviewer it would be where will Dallas Green or The Sheepdogs be in 20 years? Because if they don't become the next Rolling Stones they'll easily be forgotten and will never leave the same mark as the musician that this review has so unprofessionally disparaged.
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This review is awful, it reads like it was written by a high schooler and his opinions on how well the songs have aged is completely his own view. The live versions of "Apparitions" are far superior to the recorded versions. This is a crock.
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Lame review. Lazy at best. Clearly time was never taken to learn about what MG has been doing since the demise of the MGB. MG today is in fact leaps & bounds superior to anything he was in the 90's....written by someone who sounds young, focusing on MG's appearance, but I know the writer from his home town and he is not the 18 year old he sounds like here...disappointing to read, perhaps he has better material, no idea - but I am certainly not going to go looking for it with far better journalism out there...Drivel.
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I thought the review was lackluster at best. The show was great, Matt has been touring every year but Mr. Writer clearly hasn't kept up with who he writes about as he only seems to remember the names to Matt's 3 most popular singles. Whatever tho.. No ones heard of Jason Scherurs either & the free magazine he writes for rings a slight bell from what was it again .. Oh yeah.. The 90s.
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