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The Flatliners / Polar Bear Club / The Menzingers / The Victim Party

Opera House, Toronto, ON, December 14

> > Dec 17 2012

The Flatliners / Polar Bear Club / The Menzingers / The Victim Party - Opera House, Toronto, ON, December 14
By Sam CarsonThe Flatliners brought some friends to the Opera House to help celebrate their 10th year as a band, during the Toronto stop of the aptly named "Ten Years at Sea Tour."

First up were locals the Victim Party, whose catchy, energetic sing-along songs got the crowd pumped and rowdy early. By the end of the set, most of the people in the crowd were already moshing and dancing their hearts out.

Next up were the Menzingers playing a packed set, mostly from this year's On the Impossible Past, with a few older songs to keep things mixed up. The band moved through their set quickly, keeping the crowd's energy high, as the first of the night's many stage divers took their first jumps.

As Polar Bear Club took to the stage next, the crowd exploded, as the pit spread to cover pretty much the entire floor in front of the stage, fuelled by an almost constant stream of stage divers. The band matched the crowd's energy, playing songs from pretty much their entire collection, including a guest appearance onstage by a man in a suit covered in flashing lights, known as Flyerman.

An absolutely frenzied crowd, showing no signs of slowing down, greeted the Flatliners, who brought an incredible amount of energy to their set, playing songs from all points of their career, as well as taking the opportunity to give shout-outs to everyone in Toronto's punk community. The set felt like a heartfelt thank-you to the fans, as the band closed the show with "Count Your Bruises," a fitting end to a night celebrating a life in the punk scene.

The entire concert was something special, each band offering incredible performances that would have been worthy headline sets on their own. The crowd also deserves a lot of credit for how much fun the night was, celebrating a love of punk with some good old-fashioned mosh pit chaos.
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