Big Daddy Kane

Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON March 26

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Big Daddy Kane - Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON March 26
By Neil AcharyaWhile it may have been short, it certainly was sweet. As Big Daddy Kane stepped on stage and immediately into "Nuff Respect" and then two tracks later ripping his verse from Marly Marls' "Symphony," it became clear that it was going to be that kind of night. An evening typical of Toronto -where a legend comes to visit, and veteran fans come out of the woodwork. And often for one night only, solely to pay homage.

If it was not at first apparent, it certainly became quite evident when Kane addressed the crowd trying to gauge the average age, which ranged in the neighbourhood of 30 to 35. While some may read this as a moot point, it showed that Big Daddy Kane is just as confident and on point today at 40 as he was when stormed the scene more than 20 years ago. It was as if to say, this show was for the adults and if you weren't in the know you were about to get schooled.

On the mic, Kane was his usually dexterous self with his booming voice, backed by firehouse beats (spun by Mister Cee), which sounded as good today as they did in the late '80s when they were originally born. In fact it was not just his rapping skills where Kane showed his prowess, after an extended tribute to artists that have since passed such as Big L, Biggie and Tupac - Kane was about to bring the house to its knees.

Prior to "Ain't No Half Steppin'," Kane brought out Scoob Luva, who stepped into some old school party dancing. Immediately thereafter, during his final cut "Warm it up Kane" - Big Daddy joined in the mix by top rockin' along with Scoob. Interlocked, they both went down into the splits and then off stage causing the type of ruckus that is often attempted but rarely if ever created.
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