PS I Love You

Great Hall, Toronto, ON, March 21

> > Mar 22 2013

PS I Love You - Great Hall, Toronto, ON, March 21
Photo: Ian Gormely
By Ian GormelyPaul Saulnier isn't one for chitchat; he tends to let his guitar do the talking. He spent most of PS I Love You's short set alternating between staring at his phalanx of effects pedals and yelping out lyrics from behind a curtain of auburn hair. Like J Mascis, to whom his playing is often compared, Saulnier whips out blistering guitar leads with the kind of enthusiasm one displays while brushing their teeth. Ben Nelson held things down on drums, but there was little sense of urgency in their playing, and despite delivering a series of choice cuts from the band's two LPs, Saulnier and Nelson seemed as if they were going through the motions. Thankfully a bad day for PS I Love You is still better than what you get from a lot of bands.
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