Rivoli, Toronto, ON, March 19

> > Mar 20 2013

Parallels - Rivoli, Toronto, ON, March 19
Photo: Ian Gormely
By Ian GormelyParallels debut, Visionaries, was a fantastic slab of propulsive synth-pop. But like even the most established artists in the mainstream adopting this sound, their follow-up, 2012's XII, felt like just another record in a crowded field. Not that it's affecting their live show; the Toronto three-piece are a well-oiled machine anchored by the propulsive drumming of Nick Dodson, who takes dance drumming to new heights, often stealing the spotlight from singer Holly Dodson, decked out in a black Stevie Nicks-inspired outfit. Parallels' set was technically flawless and the live drums gave them an extra oomph few bands in this field posses (bedroom producers, take note). But there was a detachment between the band and audience; their onstage banter and movements felt more rehearsed than inspired, and the audience's relative nonchalant attitude belied the mounds of thanks Holly heaped on them at set's end. Maybe it was just the wrong night, but Parallels seemed ready for something they're still searching for.
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Despite all the terrible things I've heard about them as people and as a band I still decided to go see them last night and its clear that they have no idea what they are doing and should stop. I truly felt embarrassed for them.
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Ouch!! But I might feel the same.
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