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The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson

By Michael Bush

> > Dec 24 2012

The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson - By Michael Bush
By Daniel PrattMichael Jackson was known for being the type of entertainer that oversaw all of the details of his performances, from the choreography to the elaborate rhinestones that were sewn on to his infamous costumes. As much as his music and dance characterized the pop superstar, Jackson was also known for his sense of style that ranged from military regalia to jewel-encrusted gloves, fedora hats, beaded jackets and the trademark white glove.

The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson by Michael Bush (the man who designed and made Jackson's stage costumes for the 25 years leading up to the pop sensation's death in 2009) offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the singer and how his signature style came to be.

After first meeting Jackson on the set of Caption EO and assisting with his wardrobe on various short films, the pair became close friends. Resultantly, Bush was hired to work in a creative capacity for Jackson to design all of the star's performance attire.

The book is a combination of a personal memoir from the designer, coupled with a photographic reservoir of Jackson's costumes, including the various outfits worn throughout his Bad, Dangerous, and HIStory world tours. Fans of the performer will undoubtedly find the tale of how the infamous "Thriller" jacket evolved, leading to it becoming such an iconic piece of fashion history.

Bush was also the inventor of the "Lean Shoe," which enabled Jackson to perform the gravity-defying 45-degree angle dance move in his "Smooth Criminal" music video, leading to his name being associated on a US patent for the design.

While personal sketches and photographs of various signature MJ outfits give new dimension to the icon's wardrobe, it is the intimate story penned by Bush that tells the tale of a young fashion designer that got his big break and subsequently forged an incredible friendship with one of the world's most famous performers of our time.
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Too bad he could not get by on just his designs. He had to forge and fake Michael Jackson signatures on the clothing to try and prove what? We would have believed you, why write on iconic clothing??

Search NBC4 Los Angeles Investigation into Phony clothes and autographs by Michael Bush.

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While I agree the recent alleged signature fraud certainly is a travesty, if one looks past Bush's alleged transgressions there truly was a lot to celebrate. Michael Jackson's outfits over the span of 25 years were iconic and will remain so for generations. A shame this bad publicity will potentially draw attention from the book, which was a wonderful look back at MJ's attire and offered a unique perspective on the legendary performer.
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