Zulu Winter Sign to Arts & Crafts for Debut LP

> Mar 07 2012

Zulu Winter Sign to Arts & Crafts for Debut LP
By Alex HudsonZulu Winter hail from England, but the Oxford-born/London-based dance rockers evidently have some Canadian fans in the folks over at Arts & Crafts. The band just got signed to the esteemed Toronto label, and on June 19 will release their debut album Language in North America.

A press release notes that the band members have been playing together since they were teenagers, and their first practice took place a good 12 years ago. Their debut album is reportedly inspired by "everything from 19th century literature to obscure '60s electronica," and contains "multi-dimensional songs that bleed with sentiment and syncopated dance beats." It was produced by Tom Morris and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer (Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Muse).

For a taste of the sound that earned Arts & Crafts' attention, watch the video for the danceable "We Should Be Swimming" at the bottom of the page. Scroll past the tracklist to check it out.

In the UK, the album will come out on May 14. The band have some UK and U.S. tour dates on the horizon, so check out the schedule here.


1. Key to My Heart

2. We Should Be Swimming

3. Bitter Moon

4. Small Pieces

5. Silver Tongue

6. You Deserve Better

7. Let's Move Back to Front

8. Moment's Drift

9. Words That I Wield

10. Never Leave

11. People That You Must Remember

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